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Autostraddle Guild Y'all
henofthewoods wrote in autoguild
Okay, in a far-reaching executive decision, the home of our Autoguild will be Bronzebeard US! Proudmoore is awesome and queer, and I know we kind of got started there before, but my computer is already exploding from the high-population lag there and it ain't even Tuesday yet.  And I don't think we want to suffer through wait times for the next two weeks. 

Bronzebeard US is a Medium Population PVE server. Feel free to roll an alt to check it out or transfer a whole fleet of characters, whatever you want!

For the sake of being awesome, let's have a horde-side and ally-side guild and see what happens. I'll probably be more ally-side once Cataclysm hits, but I've always wanted to play horde more too. I can make a guild for both factions once we get on our feets, beginning with Alliance because I have a money there.

Also, previous Autostraddle guild discussions are here and here and here. Hunt these mofos down and let's get our shit together for Cataclysm.

I'm sorry that we had kind of a false start of Proudmoore, but hopefully we can grow to be a happy lil guild here on Bronzebeard. And anyone looking for more progression & l33tness can look into Daughters of the Alliance and Daughters of the Horde, two great Bronzebeard lady-only guilds (sorry lads) with a queer-friendly policy. 

My characters to look for on Bronzebeard:

Ally side: Chrysopoeia, Akkade (Come Worgen time)

Horde-side: Apocryphae, Baobab

Our guild, doesn't er exist yet because I need charter signatures. Currently Chrysopoeia is parked outside of the Ironforge bank turning tricks to get some.

Our tentative guild name will be Alt Lifestyle Haircuts, ally-side. We can change this later to whatever we'd like.

Uh, so yeah. Sorry this is on LiveJournal. It seems easy enough for this sort of thing! And we can always type out angsty LJ entries full of emoticons when we're bored.

I'm on Pacific Time, mind you, but should be on and off all evening til midnight or so. Once we get some folks on/a guild made, we can have a bunch of people with invite privileges.

So go on! Comment here, roll an alt and pst me in-game! Let's get this show on the road! 


P.S. If you're new to the game and have NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, let us know! And we can help! The royal we.

-- taylor of autostraddle

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(Deleted comment)
I used to be, once upon a time! (Kastilias)

Actually I still am, or so it appears

Hells yes bitches.

I've just managed to reactivate my account last night (after a SEVEN HOUR QUEUE YOU GUYS FOR SERIOUS) so I'll go roll an alt now!

omg *$&%($*&$%ing computer

I'll be back on in a bit. Maybe.

Okay my damned computer keeps crashing every 15 minutes, so I think that's it for me for the evening. *grumble*

aw, good luck rehabilitating it! mine is on the verge of exploding as well, oddly

oh i totally would like to have a character there too! i'm on a german server right now and have to check out if i can use the us servers as well but if... i'm with you! :)

i think you have to buy a US copy of the game or some such thing? we want to have you!

I'll be using my undead mage - Alieana. Transferring sometime tomorrow probably - I'll /whisper someone in the guild about joining. THANKS! :D

we haven't made the horse side guild yet, but let me know when you'll be on and we'll get it going!

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