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Need an invite?
henofthewoods wrote in autoguild
  I think a few folks have shown up on here who haven't managed to snag an invite in-game, so if that sounds like you, post here! Leave your character name(s) and the times (and time zones) you're usually around (or let us know if you're playing right then!) and we can bring you into the fold! I'm not around quite as much right now as I'm out of town visiting fam for the holigays/fighting with our shitty DSL here, but lots of members have invite privileges and would be happy to use 'em! :D 

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I've got invite privileges, and I live in Australia, so if any other Aussies/super night owl Americans want an invite, please reply to this so I see it ;)

yes please! i'll try and be on about 3pm-5pm West Aus time for the next few days so maybe I shall run into you :)

char: Samhandwich

Hey guys. I'm on now and should be for a bit. I'd love an invite if someone gets a chance. My avatar's name is Sylveah. I'm a low lvl Shaman. My main is on another server (Lvl 60 Druid on Scarlet Crusade server). I haven't commented on the LJ account but I commented on autostraddle. I believe I said I'd be back on WoW so fast it would make your avatar's heads spin. Well they can commence spinning. I played a while ago... pre-burning crusade actually. So I am just getting back in the swing of things.

hi! would love an invite. i'm pretty new at the warcraft thing but a much higher level at the gay thing. so. name: Juddy


I'm relatively new at WoW. An invite would be great. I'm on now--if someone's on.
Char: Maurden

Hi, I'm fairly new. I hit level 20 today though! Yay! An invitation would be really great. My character is Darnitall. Thank you!

I just started playing and would love an invite. My character is Mapzz.


Hi I'm a long time WOW player and just found out Autostraddle had a guild so I've jumped from my traditional place in misha to Garona. Would absolutely love to hang out with you wonderful people so please-with-unicorns-on-top could you send and invite? My characters name is Mirura a warrior tauren who is making their way in Mulgore. I mostly play in the afternoon and I will be on for 2-2 and a half hours after this post.

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