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henofthewoods wrote in autoguild
Hi everyone, your hair looks great today.

Everyone is so quiet. Do you have questions or something to say? Say it here, by god!  

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well what did you expect, you know?

Well hello! I just created a Worgen on Bronzebeard and joined Daughters of the Alliance... BUT I'm really looking to join Autoguild (shh don't tell them). My char's name is Lisbethh - I posted a few times on the Guild Recruitment channel but couldn't find y'all - it be stupendous if you could find me! Thank you!

hey! i'll likely be on later tonight on Chrysopoeia and could add you then! Alternately, I'm around right now for a few minutes. I'm around my computer all day most every day, so ping me on here next time you're online and I'll hop on and throw you an invite!

Quick question... are you guys thinking you might start a horde side anytime soon?

Frustration! (stupid computer)

So I download Cata today and I can't even play! I made a little worgie and right as I ask to enter the guild, my comp crashes AGAIN! Haven't been able to log onto Lysistrata without crashing. It's very frustrating. I am buying a new video card this week, that will hopefully alleviate this problem

i don't play retail WoW but i was wondering if i could still hang out on this site/page/thingymahjigger (i am sooooooo technical). i've been playing on free servers for a couple of years now, cause well, they're free. but i would love to engage in some conversations with this new-found(and freaking AWESOME i might add) community that i wondered across recently :D offer some help here and there maybe?

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