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Autostraddle Guild v2.0: MoP Edition?!

Hey check out this fabulous new post on Autostraddle dot com about Mists of Pandaria, the newest expansion. 

Do we want to resurrect our little guild? Have you all scattered to the four corners of the realms? Do we want to trade Real ID thingers, feelings, etc? Do we want to move this LJ somewhere that makes more sense?! Do we want to do All The Things?!?

Hi Autoguild!
 Hello darling Autoguild! How is it going down in Azeroth? I've been out of town for a while now, but I hope things are well. It's probably high time we decided on some officers who aren't me so I can pass the torch and such and so forth. Anyone interested in stepping up/have any suggestions for how this process should go down? <3<3<3

Need an invite?
  I think a few folks have shown up on here who haven't managed to snag an invite in-game, so if that sounds like you, post here! Leave your character name(s) and the times (and time zones) you're usually around (or let us know if you're playing right then!) and we can bring you into the fold! I'm not around quite as much right now as I'm out of town visiting fam for the holigays/fighting with our shitty DSL here, but lots of members have invite privileges and would be happy to use 'em! :D 

Hi everyone, your hair looks great today.

Everyone is so quiet. Do you have questions or something to say? Say it here, by god!  


If you have joined the Autoguild, introduce yourself on our Livejournal in a new post. It's kinda required, so we can get to know each other a little. It won't hurt, I promise! Then we can all respond to each new thread with overwhelming love and adoration. 


1. What name do you want us to call you?

2. What are your characters/alts names?

3. How long have you played WoW? (also, if you're brand new, tell us so we can help!)

4. What's your fave race/class?

5. Where do you live? 

6. How did you learn about Autostraddle or the Autoguild?

7. CELEBRITY CRUSH. I said it. Go!

Please attach your livejournal name and the name you wish to go by to your in-game profile on the guild. Thanks! <3 <3

Guild Rules! (1st Draft)
Hey folks! As we all know, we're brand new, awash in the lawless new world of Cataclysm. And it occurs to me that guilds generally have you know, rules. This thread will have the guild rules, which we will update as we go. I'm going to throw a few out there (some of these are kind of general guild visions/ideas, but whatever):

1. Have fun(s)

2. This guild is for Autostraddle readers and close friends & fam. That means that our guild should reflect Autostraddle's already established community. Our exchanges on Autostraddle are generally sassy, hilarious, and interesting, so let's keep the guild like that. Autostraddle is also obviously quite irreverent, so that leads us to...

3. Profanity. I know this is always a question in new guilds, but since Autostraddle frequently uses the word "motherfuck" in headlines that are published on the web and read by thousands of people, um, I think probably we should be as profane as we want. I think if we ease into it with words like "cuntwaffle," we'll all feel better already.

That said, this guild, much like Autostraddle will include its fair share of 18+ content, if that means something to you. If you're 18, it doesn't really matter. We just don't want to go to jail. 

If you are confused about the boundaries of the website known as Autostraddle, please consider our mission statement

4. Obviously we will not tolerate intolerance, like sexist, racist, or homophobic remarks. I think we're smart enough to know the difference between absurdity and intolerance. I don't foresee this being a problem, amirite?

5. Membership. Like I said, the Autoguild is intended to be a safe space for Autostraddle readers, and close friends and family. That means:

-  All Autostraddle readers are welcome and encouraged to join! And since we'd love new members so we can grow, it makes sense we'd want our friends and family to play with us. That said, you are welcome to invite them, but first consider this:

Like we discussed, this guild will reflect Autostraddle which publishes things that are not for everyone, but are for some people 100% of the time. We are all lovely respectful people, but we can be seriously crass weirdos, too. So don't invite your cousin to play with us if they are offended by words like fingerblastoff. Common sense, you know. Also, for the love of god don't invite anyone who doesn't know you're queer because that's just awk. 

And, perhaps most importantly...

The internet, especially the gaming world, is a place brimming over with assholes. We want to make a safe space for us 'straddlers to have some fun in Azeroth. Let's keep shit safe & smart. Assholes have plenty of places to hang out already. 

17. Guild Invites: For now, guild invites are technically going through me until we figure our system out. (in the future officers will be able to invite, and some of you may have those privileges now because i messed around in the settings). This sounds awful, but unless you know someone is cool in real life or you have seriously grouped with them so many fucking times you know how many aunts they have, don't invite them to the guild (or ask me to). It sucks to have to play it safe, but there are a lot of homophobic jerks running around and the last thing we want is our space space feeling unsafe. 

18: Dude-identified humans: As for inviting guyhumans, i am down with that if they fall into the aforementioned policy. Real life friends and family, boy/boi-readers, and internet blood brothers, or something. That's the policy. It may need...um...refining.

Does that sound fair? Let me know what you think, please!

Also, look at the hot chicks. Wowza!

Online this evening
Hey guys, I'm around tonight of Akkade & Chrysopoeia for anyone that needs an invite! 

I'm On Bronzebeard Right Now
If you need an invite, post here or contact me in-game! Also, feel free to invite your (cool, respectful) friends along!

Autostraddle Guild Y'all
Okay, in a far-reaching executive decision, the home of our Autoguild will be Bronzebeard US! Proudmoore is awesome and queer, and I know we kind of got started there before, but my computer is already exploding from the high-population lag there and it ain't even Tuesday yet.  And I don't think we want to suffer through wait times for the next two weeks. 

Bronzebeard US is a Medium Population PVE server. Feel free to roll an alt to check it out or transfer a whole fleet of characters, whatever you want!

For the sake of being awesome, let's have a horde-side and ally-side guild and see what happens. I'll probably be more ally-side once Cataclysm hits, but I've always wanted to play horde more too. I can make a guild for both factions once we get on our feets, beginning with Alliance because I have a money there.

Also, previous Autostraddle guild discussions are here and here and here. Hunt these mofos down and let's get our shit together for Cataclysm.

I'm sorry that we had kind of a false start of Proudmoore, but hopefully we can grow to be a happy lil guild here on Bronzebeard. And anyone looking for more progression & l33tness can look into Daughters of the Alliance and Daughters of the Horde, two great Bronzebeard lady-only guilds (sorry lads) with a queer-friendly policy. 

My characters to look for on Bronzebeard:

Ally side: Chrysopoeia, Akkade (Come Worgen time)

Horde-side: Apocryphae, Baobab

Our guild, doesn't er exist yet because I need charter signatures. Currently Chrysopoeia is parked outside of the Ironforge bank turning tricks to get some.

Our tentative guild name will be Alt Lifestyle Haircuts, ally-side. We can change this later to whatever we'd like.

Uh, so yeah. Sorry this is on LiveJournal. It seems easy enough for this sort of thing! And we can always type out angsty LJ entries full of emoticons when we're bored.

I'm on Pacific Time, mind you, but should be on and off all evening til midnight or so. Once we get some folks on/a guild made, we can have a bunch of people with invite privileges.

So go on! Comment here, roll an alt and pst me in-game! Let's get this show on the road! 


P.S. If you're new to the game and have NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, let us know! And we can help! The royal we.

-- taylor of autostraddle